dotting nail

Dotting nail art is one classic and awesome style that is appealing to many ladies. This design looks simple but alluring as well, and its tutorial is easy to handle if you can make dots skillfully.

As for the tutorial, the total process takes about 20 minutes after the base coat has been finished.

What You Need:

Polish: red & white

Different sizes of dotting tools

nail art

How To Style:

Step 1:

Apply two layers of red polish to your nails after the base coat is dry enough.

Step 2:

Use two different sizes of dotting tool to add white dots to your nails.

Please do not begin this step until the second layer of red polish is touch dry.

Step 3:

Adding red dots in different sizes to your nails.

Make these dots smaller than the white ones that they are dotted in.

Like step 2, add dots in touch dry white dots.

Step 4:

Finish the style with a layer of top coat.


  • Do not carry on the next step unless the former layer is dry enough, otherwise it is possible that the dots will smear. To solve this problem and to save time, you can use nail polish that is fast dry.
  • Instead of using red and white polish, you can use the ones in other colors, but the colors should match each other harmoniously.
  • Place the dots randomly will make the design look better.
  • Use dotting tools in different sizes can save time cleaning the tools too often.
  • Apply red polish to “stay within the nail” area, so that you can avoid the red polish running into your cuticles.