Now it is spring, which means rainy days are coming, or already came. No matter what hairstyle you are wearing, long or short, straight or curly, you may face one problem that, your hair tends to be kind of frizz in rainy days. But which hairdo can help reduce frizz and leave you a stunning hair look as well even though in those wet days? Here I will share five runway styles for rainy spring days with you. Read on to get more information

  • An easy, classic braid. A simple, standard braid can look stunning as well, which save your time in learning how to style fishtail or Dutch braid, taking the one in the fall 2015 Lanvin runway as an instance. A basic three-strand braid looks fabulous in rainy days as humidity can add a frizzy halo effect.


  • A clipped wavy ponytail. Clips like barrettes are popular these days, by which wearers can create stunning styles. For awesome hairdos in rainy days, barrette hairstyle can be accounted, such as this version taken at Milan Fashion Week.


  • A deep side-parted, sleek ponytail. To create hairstyle like the one at the spring 2015 Trussardi show,what you need are gel, a flat iron, and shine serum. Surely, this ‘do is weatherproofing.


  • A coiled bun. Hairstyle like the one in the spring Edun show is suitable for rainy days. Hair is tightly twisted, making it practically impenetrable to ambient moisture, devoting to a pretty hair makeover even though in humid days.


  • A three-braid twist. Surely this style from the Giorgio Armani show is weatherproofing. Almost no moisture can penetrate the ‘do, and even a little moisture succeeds, it does nothing to the glamour of the ‘do. To create the ‘do, you start with three French braids, and then gather the ends into a bun. At last, pull back small sections of shorter layers or flyways with bobby pins.