Just like any other fashion events, 2015 Met Gala was star-studded. Celebrities attending the great event showed off their stunning look, with flawless makeup, pretty hair makeover & gorgeous outfits. But who do you think was the most stunning of the big night?

Such a large number of celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, etc, stepped onto the red carpet of the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4 in New York, showing off their glamorous looks, from their breathtaking gowns, attractive hair to delicate makeup.

Best Hair Look & Makeup At Met Gala 2015

Celebs looked amazing in their gorgeous but not off-topic makeovers. They dressed up supporting the theme of 2015 Met Gala: “China:Through The Looking Glass.”

Selena Gomez stunned the red carpet with her glamorous and sexy look. She embraced the theme of the event so perfect by decorating her hair with beautiful white hair. Her stunning hair look perfectly matched to her dark eye shadow and bold red lip.


Vanessa Hudgens, the Spring Breaker costar, was red-hot in an embellished, tea-length H&M strapless gown to the Met Gala. To look more charming, she rocked fabulous winged eyeliner and luscious lashes.


Jennifer Lawrence, the Academy Award winning actress, rocked a simple but still fabulous hair look for the night. Her blonde hair was pulled back to create into a top knot. Apart from her hair, the shimmering, smoky eyeshadow and kohl-rimmed, and pink lip made her attractive as well.


Kim Kardashian looked so charming in her sleek ponytail. Coupling with her flawless nude makeup, the slicked-back middle ponytail made the reality star more than stunning all night long. She once said she would rock hair extensions for the 2015 Met Gala. But it is hard to tell whether she did so or not.


Beyonce’s high ponytail was incredibly cool. All her hair was gathered at the top of her head and styled into a wavy high ponytail, which was wrapped by a section of her hair and secured with bobby pins. She seemed to have a rest in the past several months, receding from spotlights. But there is no doubt that she caught sight the moment she turned up at the red carpet.


Of course, there are many stars who turned heads at the big event. Among all the stunners, which do you like best? Comment below to share your opinion.