Like people who have hair in other textures, those having curly hair sometimes feel a longing for a bit more body. In terms of traditional methods,big barrel rollers, thickening sprays and dry shampoos should be taken into consideration. But,with the boosting of hair extensions industry, all kinds of hair extensions become more and more accessible, making them a foolproof way to achieve voluminous hair. Among all sorts of hair extensions, clip in extensions should be the most popular and versatile. Here I will show how to apply clip-in extensions for curly hair.

Selecting Clip-in Extensions

Due to the prosper of hair extensions industry, it is feasible to get most clip-in extensions at varying lengths, colors, and textures. To select the most suitable hair extensions, you should first look for the style that closely matches your natural hair. Besides, be clear your purpose for getting hair extensions, more voluminous or longer. Since there are extensions at varying weight, choose the one that meets your requirement.

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How-to Apply


Step 1: Prep your clean, dry hair with a moisturizer for curly hair. Part the hair about above your ears, clip the upper section well. This is where you will place the first piece of extensions.


Step 2: Grab some hair and back comb the hair roots in which you will apply the extensions. The volume and friction created is to better secure the extensions.

Step 3: Snap clip the first piece. Repeat parting your hair, back combing, and snap-clipping.


Step 4: After finishing applying all of the extensions to your hair, carefully trim the extensions so that it can better blend into your natural hair.

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