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Just like other part of our body, our nails need to be taken good care of if we would like to keep them looking their best, especially in case that we have our nail designed changed a couple of times a month, since this means that our nails are exposed to nail polish and nail polish remover that are make up of chemical substance. With time going on, this may have an effect on our nails. How can we do to solve this problem?

Nail care tips for nice-looking nails

To keep our nails looking great, several tips can be of some assistance

  • File our nails in one direction all the time, otherwise we tend to weaken our nails by going back and forth. It is easier for weak nails to have breakage.
  • Learn the type of our nails–brittle or weak? This can help us select the right product for our nails. Wrong product tends to worsen our nails, right?
  • Buy a quality nail file and/or emery board. Even though we spend additional money on it, our nails tell me that it is worth buying.
  • Buff our nails at low frequency. Some of our nails are removed every time we buff them, and thin nails may come with frequent buffing.
  • Trim off hangnails as soon as possible, so as to prevent them from catching our clothes or hair.

We may notice that our nails look so good in case that we have them manicured or cared frequently. But if it is not that case, and if you find that our nails tend to break, here is something we can do as well.


First, make clear of our nail type—weak or brittle?

Knowing our nail type is important for nail care, since different nail type requires different nail product. After identifying our nails to be weak, we can incorporate a nail care product that strengthens or hardens them. If we have brittle nails, we need products that can moisturize and protect our nails.

Second, use our remover rightly

The remover we choose and the frequency we use it have an impact on our nails and cuticles. It is suggested that we select a remover that is suitable for our nail type. We should also pay attention to how often we use it.

Third, take care of our cuticles to reduce hangnails

We need to take good care of our cuticles in our nail care routine if we often have hangnails. And the most important thing is to keep our cuticles moisturized because dry cuticles can cause hangnails. Of course, it is not the only reason for hangnails. How we trim our cuticle and the cuticle mover that we choose have an impact on it as well.