Wearing a wig is the fastest way to change one’s hair style, with which  you do not need
to worry about your hair being damaged by perm or having no time to take care
of your hair. Is there any tip for selecting a wig? What is the correct way to wear
a wig? Here is some wig-related knowledge for readers to refer to.

Variety of trendy hairstyles, which one actually is most suitable for you?
Maybe wigs can help you answer the question, to meet your requirement of being
a fashion Girl . Nobody wants others to know that he wears an artificial wig.
If so, you need to pay attention to the detail of how to choose a wig.

First, when purchasing a wig , you should choose a  color that is similar to your natural hair color. Even if the
original hair is inadvertently exposed, it will not catch others attention.

Second, select an appropriate elastic wig sheath , otherwise it will cause scalp

Third, in addition to the selection of your favorite colors and styles, you
should also carefully check the size and quality of a wig  before purchasing.

Fourth,the wig hair in the temples and forehead should be relatively thin, so that it
will fit with your skin.

Fifth, a wig must be kept clean. Dust and other contaminants have an influence on
the color and the sense of be supple of the wig, so it should be cleaned
regularly , especially in the summer when there are a lot of sweat and dust.

Sixth, before wearing a wig , your hair should be combed smoothly and clamp it tightly with hairpin.

Seventh, in order to keep the wig in shape during storage , it need to be set on
the helmet , and then be covered with clean gauze to prevent dust invasion .