1.Green tea yogurt mask
Place an appropriate amount of green tea powder into a mask bowl, and then pour
into 3 to 4 spoons plain yogurt. Soak a piece of paper mask completely in yogurt.
Remove it out and apply to the face. Wash it off after 15 minutes. If there is
some green tea powder remaining, clean it with cleaner.This mask can be oil-control
and can moisturise simultaneously, offering perfect skin care.

2.Strawberry yogurt mask
Put four washed strawberries into a juice machine to make them into strawberry
juice. Mix it together with certain amount of yogurt and stir them evenly. You
can add in some honey if you like.Then you can smear it on the wet face and wash
it off with water after 15 minutes. This DIY yogurt mask can acne can inhibit the
growth of pimples,having the effect of fading acne marks.

3.Yogurt cleansing mask
Put certain amount of yogurt and flour into the mask bowl and reconcile into a
thick paste. Smear it evenly on the skin, avoiding eye and lip. Wash it off with
water after 15 minutes. This yogurt mask can effectively clean up the dirt in
the pores, making the skin more clean and smooth.

4. Avocado and banana yogurt mask
Put the avocado and banana into a juice machine to make them into a paste.
Place it in the mask bowl and add a certain amount of yogurt. Smear it on wet
skin after stir it evenly. Use your hands to massage the skin to promote blood
circulation. This DIY yogurt mask has a strong moisturizing effect, and can
promote cell metabolism, making skin show bright and shiny .