Jake Gyllenhaal is surely one of the most spotlight-attentive stars at the 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival, in which the 35-year-old actor will spend the next several days in judging films alongside with several other judges, like Sienna Miller, the Coen Brothers, Guillermo Del Tori, etc. The moment when he stepped on the red carpet, in a sharp peak-lapel suit, black shirt, silver necklace, Ray-Ban wayfarers, he attracted tons of spotlights, making a plenty of wowing. Of course, his fabulous slicked back hair was one of the important elements to complete his “rich European guy” look. Many people are envious of his gorgeous hair looks, but do they know how to recreate the hairdo? Actually, to style this perfectly flowy hairstyle, three easy steps are enough.


1. Make clear when to make part & Make clear when to slick. Well, to create this style, you do not need to get man-bun hair length. Just like Jake Gyllenhaal, you style your hair, which is so long that you can easily throw back your hair and make it sit casually on your head. If your hair is shorter, you might take risk at having sleek hair straying out in all directions. To test it, you can do it when your hair is completely dry.

2. Pomade with sheen to make your hair shiny. Look at the nightcrawler star’s hairdo, it is easy to notice that his hair is perfectly balanced between frizzy Bar Mitzvah boy and greasy mafia hitman. To create the style, one of the key elements is to choose the right hair products, like American Crew’s Pomade with High Shine, an oil-based products which help keep smooth and silky hair for a whole day, and will not leave in slimy look even after a tough afternoon.

3. Get in the grooves. Here comes the comb. After pomading your hair up, use the side of the comb with the wider grooves to push your hair up, and then back, so that you can give your hair a nice shape and flow. After that, run your hands through your hair gently, by which you can make it less calculated. If you want the slick-back style keep the whole day, keep your pocket comb to fix it up throughout the day. You know, loose strands falling towards your face can destroy the style easily.