Recent year, more and more people around you have had their hair permed to make themselves more beautiful and chic. It is very likely that you are one of them. Obviously, every person wants to be beautiful and hairstyles made by perm usually add some points to your total image. However, before having your hair curled, do you have any idea about how to take care of your wavy hairstyle? Without being taken care well of, your perm tends to lose its magically beautiful effect step by step, while the side effect, hair damage, caused by hair curling and your negligence, starts to make a big show of its strength. Below are some tips to keep in mind if you do a perm to your hair, assisting in your staying away of hair damage after perming.

With the purpose of maintain the shine and vitality of your curly hair, you are advised not to brush your hair hard the day you have it curled, avoiding damaging the not yet fully stable styling and deforming the freshly permed hairstyle.
In order to keep the hairstyle last longer, you had better not apply any curling iron or electric rollers to your hair, as well as try every possibility not wash your hair within the three days later than your perm day.
After perming your hair, it is suggested that you gently comb your hair in the following several months. In case that your hair is tangled and matted, the correct way of combing your hair is that you have it detangled gently with a wide-toothed comb. In addition, you can get rid of static electricity which may mess up your hair by not using plastic comb.

Due to the fragility of curly hair, as same as the using of high temperature dryer, everyday washing and rubbing hair hard are not suitable for your perm. After washing your hair, you are advised to wind dry your hair or use a ram to keep your perm fluffy without deforming it. To better keep the shape of your curly hair, you should apply some hair styling products to your fleshly washed hair and leave it alone to dry naturally after that without fiddle with it.It is the right time to style your hair into the way you like while your hair is still wet. During your wiping gel, having your hair curled around your finger can add some beautiful small volume to your hair ends.

You may notice that your hair is apt to dry out and deform after being permed. With the help of shampoo with weak acid, especially the one containing sweet almond oil, essential oil, vitamin A, vitamin F, olive oil and any other ingredient, you can strengthen the internal structure of your hair, not only keeping it bouncy but also maintaining its shine.

Due to the necessity of routine hair caring, after curling your hair, you are supposed to make a purchase of hair caring products which contain protein and moisture. Among all kinds of hair caring products, high quality shampoo, conditioner and essence used to add nutrition to your hair are basically what you need. It is also advised that you do conditioning hair treatments occasionally to nourish your hair, replenishing the losing protein and moisture.