The Spring of 2015 is deeply impressed by one popular and chic hair shade–the icy, platinum blondes. A number of celebrities have been rocking the snow-white hair color stunningly, making it one of the trendiest hue this season, or perhaps even the year. It is such an effortlessly chic color that sweeps runways and red carpets this year.

Following the hair color trend by having your hair dyed platinum blonde like your favorite celebs is a good way to beautify yourself. However, apart from sitting at a salon for several hours to dye your hair, you still need to know something else.

First, compared with basic blonde, bleached blonde requires a little more high-maintenance, several reasons explaining for this, like root touch-ups every few weeks. You are also in need of anti-brass shampoo and conditioner to keep the icy cool color.

Second, it is suggested you using a bleach lightening system to boost the color.

Third, you may need to change your hairstyle to embrace the chic shade perfectly.

Then, here comes the main topic, that which hairstyle fits the cool hair shade well.

The Undone Side Ponytail


According to Mara Roszak, a hairstylist of Zoe Saldana, hairstyles which go with easiness and effortlessness are about to be trendy. In the red carpet season of 2015, updos which feel less ‘done’ and more organic can be seen here and there. For platinum blonde, this low, side-swept ponytail is stunning. Coupling with the pretty cool hair color, the chic hairstyle makes you more than charming. To recreate the style, start with blowing your hair super straight. You can use a straightening shampoo before applying heat to your hair. Trust me, the result will be more fabulous. After that, gather your hair back into a low ponytail, leaving some loose strands to be face-framing. Finish with a little hairspray.

The Sleek Half-Up Hairdo


Half-up hairstyle tends to be popular seemingly. It can be seemed occasionally on stages or red carpets. This sleek ‘do is one of the popular styles. It is a ‘do which is to be styled without elastic, and blown to be super smooth and straight. The edginess of the style makes if perfect for power platinum shades. To create the style, start with blowing your hair straight and smooth. Next, divide your hair into two sections, the top one and the bottom one. Then, tease, or back comb the top section and sweep the hair up and back. Finish with a large number of strong-hold hairspray.

The Faux-Hawk Bun


The chic bun looks like the second style partly. It is a hairstyle suitable for formal occasions. Like the sleek half-up ‘do, the hairstyle starts with a top bump on the crown. After creating the bump, gather all your hair into a low ponytail. Then wrist the low ponytail into a bun, and pin.