Many people sometimes wear wigs, but they do not know how to pick up those wigs.
If a wig is stored in the chest, over time it will become frizz. If on the packaging
bag, it will deform over time.What’s worse, it costs a lot to buy a fake mannequin
head. Is there any good ideas to cope with the picking up of a wig? Here is a good
idea for you and you just need to spend several dollars on it.

Firstly, buy a smooth rubber ball whose size is fixed as large as your head.

Secondly, find plywood or wood and glue them together with adhesive. As long as you
don’t wear your wig, you can fix it in your DIY “model”.

Thirdly, If you want to make your “model” more perfect, you can DIY a lovely
hand-painted facial features ( no matter what expression ) to dress up for it.
In this way, you will have more fun.