In fact, even a simple facial cleansing, if you want to achieve the best cleaning
effect, it cannot be muddled through. To significantly improve the cleaning effect,
besides using some more effective cleansing products, some facial cleansing
techniques are needed in facial cleansing.

Water temperature and time control
During facial cleansing, water temperature and time control are also very
Water temperature: It is better to be close to body temperature (about 38 degrees).
If the water is too cold or too hot, it is not good for the skin. People having
sensitive skin should especially pay attention to the water temperature, or there
is skin redness in their faces easily.
Time control: It is preferable that the cleansing products to stay on the face
for from half to one minute. A longer period of time cannot help to achieve a
better effect, but only causes over-clean.

Facial cleansing techniques
1. After washing your hands, fetches an appropriate amount of cleansing
products and press to melt them with your palms together.Then you can
gently smear it over the whole face with five points law.
2. Using your middle finger and ring finger pulp to gently massage the face
from the forehead to the chin in a circular motion.
3. In accordance with the flow of lymph, message toward the obliquely upward
side with your palms. Then start from the forehead, message alternately with
finger pulps in a circular motion.
4. Using your middle finger and ring finger to message from the eye tail of
the upper eyelid to the inward part in a circular motion. Then at the bridge
of the nose, message up and down alternately up and down with the pulps.
5. Message from the side of the nose to the side of the nose to wing of the
nose. Repeatedly clean the recesses of the nose and message left and right
under the nose with the middle finger pulp.
6. Use the tongue to hold up the skin from the inside. Clean the chin in a
circular motion. There tends to be cleansing remnants on the jaw line, do not
forget to clean it in time.