The reality TV star looks sexy and charming all the time, and there was no exception for her showing up in Paris on April 15. However, while being obsessed with her glamour, do we wonder how is her hair care routine? Read on to get information about this.

Kim Kardashian, 34-year-old, looked amazing when attending an event for Kardashian Beauty in Paris, France on April 15. She made the audiences wow the moment she appeared at the event, with her gorgeous straight tresses, delicate makeup, as well as her sexy outfit. Actually, although her charm and beauty always make us envious, her beauty routine requires low-maintenance, to an extent that much lower than we think.

Kim Kardashian’s Straight & Sleek Locks In Paris–How To Get It?


How does the Keep Up With Kardashian star take care of her hair? Her reveal might make most of our jaws drop.

“If we have a meeting in the morning, then we don’t have time for hair and makeup, and we get ready ourselves. We do whatever we have time for. It is not like hair and makeup is an everyday thing,” she told the Harper’s Bazaar. “It takes me about 15 minutes to do my own makeup, and if I have my hair done from the day before, I can get ready on my own. I don’t wash my hair a whole lot–every three or four days. When I get it done and blow-dried, that lasts for a while.”

Speaking of her products for daily care, Kim Kardasian recommended using Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Shampoo and Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Conditioner, as the former one works well in soaking up excessive oils and make hair clean, and the latter helps add shine and moisture. The two coordinate to reduce hair washing frequency while keeping shiny and stunning hair look.

Kim Kardashian’s Stunning Makeup In Paris

Kim appeared to have flawless skin in such a delicate makeup. Her well-trimmed brow, perfectly polished eyelash, as well as her sexy pink lip, made her incredibly charming. Mario Dedivanovic, who did the makeup for Kim for the event, posted a pic of Kim on Instagram, captioning: “@kbeautyhair event in Paris today. Hair @jenatkinhair#MakeupByMario.”

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