The truth is, there are a lot of hair extension companies to choose from these days. All of them cliam their extensions are high quality. Whether those are “quality” hair extensions? The fact will tell.  I actually fancy collecting all kinds of hair extensions & wigs, so that I have a lot to say about various types of hair extensions from different companies. Here I will share parts of my review about my hair extensions.
24″7 Piece Silky Straight Clip In Human Hair Extension – Bleach White Blonde(#613)  from ABHAIR

It is my second hair extensions. My first set is micro loop hair extensions but I don’t want it on my hair all the time.  I read lots of information about clip in hair extensions and learned that it is easy to apply and remove.

Concerning this set, I think everything goes well–the hair, the clips and the delivery. The quality is like my former extensions, but this one is much cheaper and I even don’t need a hairdresser to apply them, saving certain amount of money.



24 Inch Characteristic Two Colors Ombre Clip In Remy Hair Extensions Body Wave 9pcs From Hair Plus Base


I like it the best, from its color, its softness, its long lasting, its delivery to its customer service.

It took me five days to receive my hair, just like what the customer service staff – Grace promised.  I liked its customer service for that Grace replied me rapidly and gave me detailed answer. When I received the hair, she also emailed me asking if there are anything dissatisfying.  Besides, along with the hair I ordered, I got 4 clips as well so that I could have some to replace if the clips attached is broken one day. The hair is soft and in good luster, just looking like my natural hair and blending seamlessly with my natural hair. Thumbs up for Hair Plus Base.



18″ Salon Special Set, 175g From Hello Gorgeous

The Hair:
Compared some extensions I bought from other shops, the hair was a little dry. The set has 8 pieces, and I like the clips for that they can secure into my natural hair without making me uneasy.
How long they last:
I have kept it for 4 months since I got it. I often wore it so I washed it once two weeks.

Shipping and Customer Service:

The delivery is acceptable, taking me 9days to reveive my hair.  The owner was so nice. She helped me choose my shade.

Overall & Price:

I am not sure if it is just my set that was dry. I would be willing to try them out again in the future. It costed me $229.99 excluding shipping fee.



Easilites Human Hair 16″ Clip-In Highlights From Easilities

It is pretty cool, right? I love these clip in highlights. I purchased this one with the purpose of pursing fun and turning heads. Once I recieved it, I trimmed it  shorter to better blend with my natural hair. The colour seemed so naturally and I loved it so much. The clips were so tiny and well designed, making themselves undetectable and secure well into my natural hair. Another reason for my purchasing was that I just wore it occasionally, especially for a night out. Its design of easy applying and remove satisfiedmy demand.