It never happened to me that I wore the same hairstyle more than twice in a row. As a fan of drastic hair changes, wearing a wide variety of haircuts is something common. Among all the hair look, something short is fantastic, from my point of view. I rocked a short hair look several years ago, and recently I got it back after wearing a range of medium to long hairstyles for years. The new haircut helps recall the benefits of wearing short hair. And I do think that short hair is a must-try hairstyle in every woman’s lifetime, even just try it once.



For many women, long hair, or even medium to long hair, can be regarded as a security blanket, which helps them distract from other aspects of their face and body. Some women might also think that wearing short hair leaves them vulnerable, revealing their face shape and facial features to the world. But actually, having an experience of rocking short hair is something fantastic in our life. It is an experience that is totally novel in our life if we always wear long hair, presenting ourselves to the world and knowing the world from other perspectives, even though it may be a little terrifying for us.



In addition to be a physical freeness, wearing short hair can be regarded as a metaphorical freeness as well. You can get freed from a very physical weight and sometimes an unconsciously emotional weight. It is of possibility that some people cut their long hair short to say goodbye to a failed relationship, refreshing their life with their beauty routine. Cutting long hair short can be something quite relieved, agree?

Your time also gets freed by your short hair. Compared with long or medium-length hair, short hair take less time to style and get dried. You can have more time to try something new.



Whether short hair is something intimidating or not? You may find it uncertain until you take the risk. It is of high possibility that you choose a hairstyle which you have never thought about but suits you very well.

To decide which short hairstyle is suitable for you the best, you can take the various styles rocked by celebrities into consideration.