Jennifer Lopez stepped into the LAX airport wearing a fantastic short summer bob. The American Idol judge got confetti-bombed by prankster clown Richie the Barber. It seemed to be a surprise celebration for her ditching her iconic long locks for trendy bob. How to you think of her new ‘do and the surprise celebration?

Jennifer Lopez, 26-year-old, rocked a freshly styled chic short bob at LAX on Tuesday, May 26. We got surprised the moment when we saw her new ‘do, and she was surprised seemingly by Richie the Barber’s confetti-bomb.

Jennifer Lopez’s New Short Hairdo

The Boy Next Door star, who is fond of long locks, decided to give her hair a rest. She has gotten a big chop and switched her long hair to above-the-shoulders tresses. The new ‘do goes with lots of layers, creating a feathered effect around the star’s face. To better coordinate with her laid back hairdo, she wore a cropped sweater and blue jeans, featuring her sexy midriff.

Actually, it’s not the first time Lopez has rocked shorter hair. She wore a head of hair whose length was almost like this one last summer.

The Confetti-bomb by Richie the Barber


Shortly after Lopez arrived at the airport, she was confetti-bombed by prankster clown Richie the Barber. Thankfully the star had her eyes protected with sunglasses, although she got a fair amount of rainbow-colored confetti rained over her head.

Richie the Barber was also responsible for confetti-bombing the Kardashian sisters, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian in April 2014 in West Hollywood.

Do you like Jennifer Lopez’s short ‘do? Or do you prefer her red carpet long locks?