If you browse through Lady Gaga’s Instagram, it will be easy to notice a series of pictures showing how the pop star and total beauty chameleon dyed her brunette hair bleach blonde. Although the singer always shows off ever-changing hair looks, from weird big curls, super pump hairdo, to straight gray hair, she is well known for rocking a head of platinum blonde on stage. Being such an adventurous star, she surely dares to share how she went for the bold bleach blonde with her Instagram fans.

In addition to all the details on the entire process,Gaga also showed that it is not an easy task to get her brunette hair bleached. From the posts she shared, the fact that it takes a few glasses of Pinot to get through the multi-day process can be found. Well, it is not a pleasant experience, agree?

A photo posted by @ladygaga on

A photo posted by @ladygaga on

It is all known that bleaching is a harsh process and it does a lot of harm to natural hair. Although many celebs have been seen making the hair color transformation, directly from brunette to bleach blonde overnight(like Kim Kardashian), it is strongly suggested that the process is done slowly and spreads out over a few days so as to minimize hair damage. That’s also why we often see some celebrities, like Jessie J, slow down the process quite naturally, with a series of hair color changes from brunette to pink, then to blonde, or even to other bright color.

If you would like to get your hair bleached overnight like Lady Gaga, you need to make sure that your hair is in the best condition so as to avoid severe hair damage happening to your hair.

According to Joel Warren, who is the Warren-Tricomi Salon co-founder and master colorist, before bleaching your hair blonde, it is of important to keep these several tips in mind. Among all these tips, the most important one is to hydrate and strengthen your hair to keep it in better conditions. “Masks are great for all hair types before and after a color service, especially on dry hair” suggested Joel Warren, “Dry hair absorbs more nutrients and benefit than if the hair is already saturated with water.”

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