Honestly, when it comes to my least favorite chore, drying my hair after shower surely can be taken into account. I am sick of the whole process, taking a dozen of minutes, tiring my arms, making me bored because of the again and again failure to achieve salon-like blowout. Therefore, I have been looking for tricks to shorten my blow drying time in half. I have tried these 3 tricks, and find that they work for me. So, I share them here.

  • Microfiber towel first

Every time before blow drying my hair, I have it towel dried, and then air dried for a bit. Instead of rubbing my hair, I pat the towel on my hair gently to absorb dipping water when towel drying. This step is important because I do not want frizz following. Besides, I prefer to a microfiber towel, rather than a coarse one, since the former is absorbant enough to soak up moisture quickly and soft enough to avoid causing additional frizz. Just like regular towels, the microfiber ones are available to access to at local beauty supplies.

  • Less product instead

From hairspray, heat protectant, styling serum, to leave-in conditioner, tons of hair products are claimed to be born for hair beauty. However, generally speaking, the attachment of more hair products often comes with a longer drying time. Therefore, every time after I finish twoel drying my hair, I apply a few products I prefer to my hair sparingly, by which means I can beautify my hair without lengthening the drying time seriously. Fortunately, unlike other hair products, a little heat protectant spray and a few shine cream can accelerate the drying process.

  • An ionic dryer works

When blow drying my hair, I used to dividing my hair into one-inch sections and then dry section by section from roots to ends. Speaking of the recommended blow dryers, an ionic blow dryer is also on the list. It is worth the investment that the negative ions released work well in breaking down water molecules in my hair and then help accelerate the evaporating. Apart from this, this type of dryer is effective to smooth and soften my strands faster than a typical blow dryer.

The tips above are what I get and find useful for me. If you have any other good tips, comment below to share with us.