I have no idea how you guys think of this striping tape nail art design, but for me, I loved it the first sight I saw it in my friend’s nail. That’s why I tried to recreate the nail art by myself.

It is a pretty cool nail art which requires no steady hands and artistic background, what I need is a touch of patience and some practice.

Now, let’s move on and get the process of creating such an awesome nail art design.

What you need:

Polish: Black, Pink, Clear
Accessory: Small metallic balls, or tiny rhinestone embellishment

Stripping Tape in Gold

Painter Tape

Step-by-step Tutorial



Step 1: Start with black base coat. Apply at least two layers of black base coat to your index fingers, and tails. It is fine that you choose other nails, but it is suggested that you not select a same design for your full hands.

Step 2: Attach stripping tape to nails polished with black base coat. After the polish is dry completely, use a cotton strip to measure how much tape you will need, and then cut the tape you need to attach to your nails. Press the tape tightly onto your nails.

Step 3: For the other undone nails, except for the thumbs, start with applying one or two layers of clear polish.

Step 4: Attach painter tape to your nail to leave out one half of clear base coat for black polish, after the clear polish is completely dry. Make sure to press the tape tightly onto your nail to avoid any gap.

Step 5: Apply black polish to the nails.

Step 6:Remove the tape while the polish is still wet, so as to leave clear line.

Step 7: Apply one or two clear base coats to your thumbs.

Step 8: Attach painter tape diagonal to the top of your thumbs and press tightly.

Step 9: Apply black polish to your thumbs.

Step 10: Remove the tape while the polish is still wet.

Step 11: Apply one or two layers of clear top coat to all your nail for shine and protection