Do you notice the coming of a new season? Do you warn hair problems going with sweltering heat and humidity during summer? Generally speaking, all kinds of elements, like UV rays of the sun, sweat, etc, can do harm to you, and these elements reach their peak in summer. It is of potentiality that you suffer from skin issues, like sunburn, rashes, skin infections, tanning, etc, especially in summer. In addition to skin issues, others relative to your hair,such as greasy scalp, dandruff, etc, might be brought forth by harmful rays of the sun.

Besides a few hair problems you might face in summer, some home remedies for these issues are offered below as well.

Greasy Hair And Scalp

High level of humidity during summer can cause moisture in the hair. The increase of oil in the scalp will happen because of this.

Solution: Different from other seasons, summer is a season requires higher frequency of hair wash. In general, it is suggested washing your hair once or twice a week. But in summer, you can wash it about every two days so as to reduce greasiness and keep your hair clean.



If your hair is usually exposed to humid air, dust, pollution or UV rays of the sun, it is so possible that you fall victim to dandruff.

Solution: To reduce dandruff, you can massage your hair and scalp with a mixture of coconut oil and lemon, because the massage can help to prevent the formation of dandruff. Apart from this way, you can also use a strong anti-dandruff. This also works well. Besides, a lighter conditioner is suggested using in summer.

Hair Fall

You sweat a lot, especially in summer. Because of the sweat, the pores on the surface of the scalp open up, leading to weak hair follicles. Gradually, you suffer from hair loss.

Solution: Cover your hair with a scarf or hat when stepping out in the sun. To get stronger hair, keep a healthy diet containing more vitamins benefiting hair.

Color Fade

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in summer. But for your hair beauty, swimming is not a good thing. When swimming in swimming pool, the chlorine in the pool can result in hair color fading. If you swim in ocean, ingredients contained in salty sea water can do harm to your hair as well.

Solution: Spritz some hairspray or apply some deep conditioner to your hair before swimming. Remember to wear a shower cap prior to swimming.