Obviously, this is a pretty cool and romantic hairdo. Inspired by 1920’s hair accessories, the ‘do looks so charming and elegant, suitable for wearers who are to attend formal or casual occasions. For those who want a short wavy bob but dare not to shorten their long tresses, this ‘do is perfect.

Check the pictures and text tutorial below to learn how to get the ‘do.

Prior to the recreating, you are suggested to well shampoo and towel dry or blow dry your hair. After that, apply a little texture spray to it, to make it fuller. If possible, add waves using a large barrel iron.

Step-by-step Tutorial



Step 1: Start with 3 vertical divided sections of your hair. Two from the front hair to behind each ear, and then the remained section is the third one.

Step 2: Create the third section into a loose fishtail braid, starting from the hair at the nape of your neck. For fishtail braid tutorial, click Tutorial for a fishtail braid.

Step 3: Secure the fishtail braid with a clear elastic. Pull both sides of the braid to make it fuller.

Step 4: Repeat plaiting fishtail braid with the other two sections.

Step 5: Hold the ends of the middle braid under, and roll it up to tuck beneath the un-plaited hair.

Step 6: Pin to secure the tucked braid. Use large bobby pins to secure the braid from each side. Criss-crossing makes a better result.

Step 7: Repeat the Step 5 and 6 with the left braid.

Step 8: Repeat the Step 5 and 6 with the right braid.

To make the ‘do more romantic, pull down some hair around your face to frame and soften the look. Finish with spritzing a little hairspray for additional shine. Just like what is shown in the picture, a flower crown can make more stunning final result.