This half-up twist hairstyle is an easy and stunning hair look that makes your hair into the accessory and looks fantastic.

It is a simple hairdo that is fantastic for those who have pretty good hair but would like to pull the hair back off their face. If you are one of them, get the hairstyle tutorial I am going to show below.

It is of high possibility you agree with my opinion that tucking our hair behind our ear all day long is something boring but that we get used to. Therefore, hands up, or try this new style.

To make the simple style festival and gorgeous, you can try to decorate it with a flower crown, or combine it with boho braids.

How to Style this Half-up Twist Hairstyle

What you need?

  • Small clear hair elastic
  • Booby pins

Step-by-step Tutorial:


Step one: Divide your hair into two parts on both sides of your face. Make the division above your ears.


Step two: Take a small section of hair between the front section and the back section of your hair. Join the two small sections of hair together at the back of your head using a small clear hair elastic. You can keep it firmly in place and make it more stunning by reversing this section.


Step three: Wrap the front section that is left out around the hair at the back of your head. Keep wrapping section-by-section, until all the hair left out is included in the half-up twist.

Step four: Hold the twist in place with bobby pins. Finish with a little hairspray.


Tips of Styling

  • What you can do in case that your hair keeps falling out of the twist? In case that your hair keeps falling out, it is possible that the hair is too clean. To deal with this matter, use a little dry shampoo to add some grip.
  • What if you have curly or wavy hair? You will get a more gorgeous hair look if your hair is curly or wavy because curly or wavy hair is perfect for this hairstyle. Hair with curly or wavy texture looks good if styled like this and it can hold really well.