Your hairstylist appears to rock gorgeous hair all the time, right? Well, mostly, they achieve that thanks to some hair tricks, which are surprisingly inexpensive but pretty effective. So, what are those tricks?

1. What if you have greasy hair? It will be effective to wash your hair using your favorite dry shampoo. Besides, the use of baby powder, all-purpose baking flour or baking powder also brings a surprise. This tip does work especially for those hairstylists who shampoo hair at least every other day. It is common sense that washing hair too often may do harm to hair and scalp.

2. What if you have a few strands of gray hair but your color appointment is not due? If so, use some regular mascara and paint over the strands. The mascara is easy to wash off.

3. What if you wake up with messy hair but are unwilling to make a restyling? Use a spin pin to style your hair into a messy bun. It takes you a couple of minutes to switch your bedhead into a chic and romantic style.

4. What if you have annoying cowlick in your bangs area? A toothbrush can work wonders, because the little brush head is great to get into those annoying spots and tease out the hair.

5. What if you have static hair? The rubbing of a dryer sheet over the crown of your head can help get rid of flyaways. Both the unscented and fragrant are preferable.

6. What if you want more texture in your hair? Adding texture to your hair using ocean water. This tip is suitable for those who like the hair look rocked on the beach. Fill your spray bottle with some ocean water and a little leave-in conditioner, and then spritz the mixture evenly over your hair.

7. What if you have frizzy hair ends? A little hand lotion can solve the problem. Rub it through your hair ends gently to tame the frizz.

8. What if you have dry and damaged hair? Coconut oil, which helps add softness and shine to your hair, can do you a favor. Comb it through your hair, wrap your hair up in a towel for about 20 minutes, and then shampoo and condition your hair as usual. The oil will be heated up by the heat from your scalp, and then the oil will penetrate your hair.

9. What if you want a temporarily fuller and longer hair? Hair extensions can be of assistance. Both hairstylist and celebrities use clip in hair extensions to achieve the stunning hair look. Using no chemicals and tape, this type of hair extensions causes no damage to your hair and scalp.