The stamping nail art will be more stunning if decorated with a few dots and rhinestones. For me, the result will be much more fantastic when the nail art is stamped over an ombre base color. Of course, being free of the decoration and gradient base color, it is beautiful as well.

To finish the rhinestone stamping nail art, you will need equipment like these:

Nail Polish: Clear, Pink, Plum and Black

Stamper & Scraper

Image Plate with a flower design on it


A toothpick or dotting tool

stamping_nail_art_m69_colors stamping_nail_art_m69_rhinestones stamping_nail_art_m69_stampequipment

Step-by-step Tutorial

Step 1: Begin the nail art with clear base coat and then apply the main base color. If you choose the one color base coat, applying the pink polish is enough. For the gradient color base, click Ombre and Pastel Nail Art–Trendy Style in Spring to learn how to process this technique. Then polish it with three coats of clear top coat.

Step 2: Stamp the flower chain design after the coats are dry. Opt for a darker color stamp if you select a light main base color, while a darker base color is suggested if you use a light stamp.

Step 3: Decorate the stamp with a few dots in the center of the flowers, and then add some rhinestones.

Just like the step 2, select light dots for darker base color, and darker dots for light base color.

stamping_nail_art_m69_2 stamping_nail_art_m69_3 stamping_nail_art_m69_4

Notes and Tips:

l Don’t continue to the next step until the former base color is dry enough, so as to avoid messing the design.

l To remove the stamp, you can gently rub it with some remover. But in this case, you are suggested having three coats of top coat.