Well, as summer is just around the corner, the popularity of lighter hair color is to spring up. Among all light hair shades, blonde is the one that can not be ignored. However, it is not a simple case to just dye your hair platinum. Prior to your making an appointment with your hairstylist, you are suggested doing something to get your hair ready. But how?

Here are some blonde prep tips offered by Joel Warren, a master colorist and co-founder of Warren-Tricomi Salons, and Aura Friedman, a celebrity colorist at Sally Hershberger Downtown in New York City.

Assess your hair condition. You should start with a self-questioning that, whether you should dye your hair or not. Friedman warned that although each case is different, there are people having hair in terrible health condition. “If your hair is breaking, you should definitely avoid bleaching for a while and get on a regimen to repair your hair. Also, if your colorist is advising you not to go platinum or bleach your hair, I would take that advice,” said Friedman.

Get Your Hair Prepared In Shape. How to prep your hair shape for the going-to-dyeing? According to Warren, the first step is to take good care of your hair with a good regimen that infuses moisture and strength. In terms of this matter, “Fine hair needs strengthening products and a leave-in conditioner to prevent dryness when heat styling. Curls and waves require hydrating products. Chemically-processed hair needs to stay hydrated and repair any breakage with protein,” said Friedman. She suggested her clients apply Olaplex before bed, leave it in overnight, and then shampoo in the morning. The advice that excessive heat styling should be forbidden before appointment is given by Friedman as well.

Make Use Of Hair Masks. How to get your hair hydrated? To get hydration for your hair, you can make time for hair masks. “Masks are great for all hair types before and after a color service,” said Warren. He also added one tip of using hair mask, “Applying hair masks on dry hair helps absorb more nutrients and benefit than on wet hair.”

Select right hair tools. To better take care of your color-treated hair, extend the longevity of your cool hair, get appropriate hair tools for maintenance, like wide-tooth combs, boar bristle brushes, etc. “Davines Alchemic Conditioner Silver and Davines Alchemic Golden are great,” said Friedman.

What’s your opinion of prepping your hair before going platinum? Comment below to share with us.